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Get Right Person for Right Job

Today more than ever, organizations are challenged with staying ahead of their competition with respect to the latest trends and competitive developments. This, they have to achieve while building and maintaining a dependable and nimble IT culture to support growth. Having the latest and greatest in technology is just not enough to offer a competitive advantage. Businesses also have to find, recruit and retain talent who can effectively capitalize on the technology investments.

Vedantha Software Solutions IT Staffing Solutions

Our IT staffing practice helps you find and retain the most strategic, valuable and variable component to your success Your Human Resources!!

We begin by understanding your business processes, your vision for the future, and the gaps between the future vision and the current state. We then build an IT staffing strategy to enable you to achieve that vision and fill those gaps with the right people, skills and competencies, when and where you need them.

The Right Resource, Every time

Every day, our recruiting team uses our comprehensive applicant tracking system that aggregates detailed profiles of over 3 Million IT professionals across the world. This coupled with our proven IT Staffing Process gives you the best resource and the talent best suited to accomplish the job at hand.

Our Staffing Process

IT Market Analysis

We analyze who the top technical professionals in their respective fields are, what they are compensated for, where they can be found, and when they’re available. We also take time to understand and incorporate their priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain them.

Client Business Knowledge

We make an extra effort to study and understand your business processes and culture. This enables us to effectively address your human capital requirements and collaboratively develop a game plan to retain and attract top IT talent.

Sourcing and screening

By capitalizing on our comprehensive network of IT professionals, we quickly and effectively select the right candidate to meet your specific needs. Our thorough and rigorous screening process gives you a fully qualified list of candidates.

Proactive Workforce Planning

Our consultant referral process and constant communication ensures that we are up to speed on your upcoming IT workforce needs and allows us to effectively plan for your future IT workforce needs.